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Apple users are passionate about their devices. Our Macs, iPhones and iPads have journeyed with us and been our dependable tech friend by our side through the many adventures of our lives. They've captured precious moments. Informed us about the world around us. Entertained us. Helped us. Explored with us.

But sometimes our Apple is feeling, well a bit bruised. It's in this moments you need a hero. You need someone, who not only understands the mechanics of your Apple, but they understand the special relationship you have and want to help fix what's wrong and breath new life into an old friend.

That is where we come in...your heroes ready to help you love your Apple again.


Behind the Geeks.

I grew up in Portland and around technology. I derived my passion for all things electronic from my Father. I still remember the night he showed up with our very first Atari 800. That was my Dad...while my friends merely had Atari 2600 game systems, he always had to have the best. I remember spending many hours on it, not just playing video games, but also banging away at the keyboard...typing in Basic code. My Dad would always say, I took something he saw as a fun hobby and really did something with it.

I have worked in both customer service and in technology and computers since before I even graduated from high school. I value my customer service background just as much as my computer and technology background because, as I would and repair is 90% customer service and 10% technical know how.

Over the years I would develop a computer consulting business and later would go to work for Apple itself. It was in my years at Apple that I took my knowledge and skills to the next level. The training and expertise I received and developed there amplified the abilities I had FAR beyond I could have imagined. I loved my years with the company and my tenure there leading one of the company's best support and repair teams.

But I wanted to do more for the customers and decided to leave Apple and go out on my own again. In 2009, my partner and I formed Geeks4Mac. 

With Geeks4Mac we set out to fill, what we saw, as a void in the Apple support community in Portland. While at Apple one of the things I heard consistently was customers struggling to find the kind of support they needed or wanted outside of Apple itself. Either shops were really Windows repair stores...that added Macs ("since computers are all the same") or Apple speciality shops providing poor customer service or uncertified and untrained staff. This greatly bothered us. We were dedicated to changing that. We wanted to bring the high level of service Apple demands in-house....out of the mall and the retail environment and expand that to include work that Apple does not do in-house, like upgrades. Our focus became you...our customer...each and every one. It isn't about just fixing your device, its about making you happy again.

With my partner's passing in 2013, I dedicated myself to fulfilling our dream and continuing the tradition we have built with Geeks4Mac. With our new location in NW Portland, it is my hope to take further our goal of being YOUR hero....each and every day.

I’m was so happy with my visit!
I ended up saving over $600 dollars with their help.
Thank you for being so helpful and honest with me! I will be coming back.
— Jessie B.
I’m not the most tech savvy and all of my questions were answered politely and with kindness. ALL of this for a very reasonable price! I highly recommend their services.
— Rebekah P.
No hard sell. No trying to repair what wasn’t broken. No pushing, no shoving. Clear. Concise. Accurate. Honest. All words that describe my experiences with Geeks4Mac.
— Steven S.
These guys are THE BEST, it’s great working with them!
— Lala S.



Pearl/Alphabet District

1323 NW 16th Ave, #1005
Portland, OR 97209


Our storefront faces NW 16th Ave in the Central Storage Building.

There are both 30 min & 4 hour spaces in front of our location on NW 16th Ave, but they fill up fast. You can also find metered spaces on Overton and Pettygrove under the I-405 overpass. We are also just a block away from the Portland Streetcar on Northrup.

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Monday - Thursday

12pm to 7pm

Closed Friday thru Sunday

Call us 503-388-9222

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(**Service pricing can change, daily in some cases, as supply channels can become restrained, etc. We try to keep pricing updated on our site with the changes, but pricing can be different at time of estimate or check-in for your repair.)

Repair Services**

Flat Rate Labor - $105 + Cost of the part (single service)
Mac Tuneup - $99
Data Recovery (In-House) - $85-$255
Diagnostic Fee (Credited to repair) - $85
Counter Repairs (if applicable) - $85

Liquid Spill Services**

System cleaning - $150 (if resolves issues)
Keyboard – $175-$250 (depending on model)
Trackpad – $125-$250 (depending on model)
Logic board repair – $350-$450(depending on model)
Logic board  + keyboard + trackpad – $375-$500(depending on model)

Broken Screen**

13” Macbook Pro A1278 – front glass $150, LCD $200, glass + LCD $275
15” Macbook Pro A1286 – front glass $170, LCD $250, glass + LCD $280
17” Macbook Pro A1297 – front glass $170, LCD $300, glass + LCD $350
Retina Macbook Pro 13” OR 15” A1425 A1502 or A1398 – $400 for LCD only(2014-2014), $500(2015-2016).
Macbook Air 13” A1369 A1466 – $325
Macbook Air 11” A1370 – $250

Keyboard issues**

A1278 13” Unibody Macbook Pro: $175
A1286 15” Unibody Macbook Pro: $175
A1297 17 Unibody Macbook Pro: $200
A1370 11” Macbook Air: $225
A1369/A1466 13” Macbook Air: $225
A1398 15” Retina Macbook Pro: $250
A1425 13” Retina Macbook Pro: $250

Trackpad issues**

A1278 13” Unibody Macbook Pro: $125
A1286 15” Unibody Macbook Pro: $125
A1297 17 Unibody Macbook Pro: $150
A1370 11” Macbook Air:  $150
A1369/A1466 13” Macbook Air: $175
A1398 15” Retina Macbook Pro: $250
A1425 13” Retina Macbook Pro: $250

**This is just some of the many services we offer our Apple product customers. Since component and part prices can change at any time, prices may need to be adjusted at check-in of your system.
Payment for services are due at the time of check-in.
If you have questions you are encouraged to send us a message using the link below:


We encourage our customers to follow our social media accounts, we are constantly posting current specials, helpful tips, best practices and security reports to help you keep your Apple working at its best!